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13 Questions with Owen Reilly

Drumroll please... Ba da ba da ba da ba da. It's Owen Reilly and he's got a few things to share with ya, Electra fam.

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Ride back in time with new Fashion Cruisers

Fashion Cruisers are the heart and soul of our passion for design here at Electra. Every detail, from the grips to the bell to the spokes, is carefully crafted to fully embrace artistry, individuality and fun. The best part is that these bikes are created to be an extension of your own personality. Hopefully you’ll fall in love with them as easily as we did.

All Pink Everything for October

October is a month that’s near and dear to many hearts of those on two wheels. The influx of pink, pink and, you guessed it, more pink is to support and spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Let’s be real… cancer sucks and it’s important for us here at Electra to support the fighters and survivors in our lives throughout the month.