10 Ways to Get Your Bike Ready for Spring

With winter coming to an end (finally!), we want to help you get your Electra bike spring-ready. There is no better feeling than getting outside for a long-awaited cruise around the neighborhood with friends or the fam. However, it’s a good idea to check up on your bike and make sure it’s in tip-top riding condition. If you’re as excited about bike season as we are, see how you can ensure this is the best one yet. Here are 10 ways to prepare for a successful and safe start.

  1. Bath time. A low-pressure spray and towel can help remove all the dust or grime that’s accumulated over the past season. If your bike really packed on the winter lbs., lightly lather with dish soap, rinse and give it a few bounces after thoroughly drying with a towel.
  2. Check and clean your chain. Make sure your chain hasn’t come loose… it should not move more than ¼ to ½ inch when you press on the top chain. Use a degreaser like WD-40 for particularly grimy chains but be sure to wipe it down with a towel before applying.  
  3. Get shifty. Make sure that your bike is shifting through its gears smoothly and quickly. The best way to do this is by placing your bike in a bike stand to get the wheels turning. If that’s not an option, bring it into your local bike shop and they can easily help. 
  4. Test your brakes. Pull on the brake levers and double check that they are functioning properly. If you have coaster brakes, flip your bike upside down and spin the pedals backwards to double check that they are working. Also, check to make sure your brake pads are aligned with the rim and aren’t too worn down. Safety always comes first!  
  5. Pedal power. If it isn’t already, flip your bike upside down and spin both of your pedals to make sure that they rotate effortlessly.  
  6. Pump it up. All tires lose air when they sit around for a while, so make sure your tires are pumped up and ready for their first spring ride. 
  7. Sturdy spokes. Make sure all the spokes on your bike wheels haven’t loosened during its winter hibernation. If they seem loose at all, bring your bike into your local Electra dealer for a quick tune-up. 
  8. Saddle up. Tighten and adjust your bike seat before putting it back in use. A tightened seat is key to a comfortable riding experience. 
  9. Light the way. Check all bike lights to make sure they are still in working condition. If you don’t have lights… well you should get some, we can’t stress safety enough! Check out our LED Bullet Headlights if you’re in the market for a great light.
  10. Dress it up! Last but not least, add an awesome spring themed accessory. If you love spring colors like we do check out our Linear QR Mesh Baskets in Light Blue, Light Pink and Mint and our Swirl Domed Ringer Bell. And if you don’t already have one of your own, check out our Solid Color Bike Helmets in Powder Blue, Sea Glass and Seaweed to make sure you’re riding safely and in style this season. 

If you have any questions on how to get your bike spring-ready, reach out to your Electra Dealer