The E-Bike for the Rest of Us… Meet the Townie Go! 7D

Finally, an e-bike for the rest of us. The Townie Go! 7D is here and we’re beyond excited to share it with you. This rad ride was created with the goal of getting more people excited about e-bikes and more importantly, more people on e-bikes. That’s why we made sure the Townie Go! 7D fits into not only your lifestyle, but your budget too. So, whether you’re looking for a way to ride a little bit further or need a boost to get to your favorite coffee shop (pre-caffeine assistance), this ride will help you get up and Go! Afterall, it combines the comfort and control of the best-selling bike in the U.S. with the power and fun of an e-bike.

Now, it wouldn’t be a Townie without our patented Flat Foot Technology®, but the Townie Go! 7D boasts a few extra bells and whistles. Check out the Hydrive system, which is a bit different from others in the Go! collection. It provides three levels of power support through a rear hub motor, and the LED display shows your battery charge and support level. The Townie Go! 7D also features a Shimano 7-speed derailleur and mechanical disc brakes for smooth but powerful stops.

With 26” tires, the step-thru version comes in 5 Electra-fied colors like Mint Mojito, Zinfandel, Icy Blue, Cream and Storm Cloud.

Townie Go! 7D Mint Mojito

Townie Go! 7D Zinfandel

Townie Go! 7D Icy Blue

Townie Go! 7D Cream

Townie Go! 7D Storm Cloud


The step-over version sports 27.5” tires and is available in Olive and Matte Black. 

Townie Go! 7D Olive

Townie Go! 7D Matte Black

You don’t need to be a diehard bicyclist or rob a bank to get your hands on this awesome pedal-assist e-bike. All you need is a desire to go faster, farther and funner. The Townie Go! 7D delivers more smiles per mile, so test it out at your local Electra dealer to get in on the fun.