Holiday cheer for that special someone

Still searching for that memorable gift for your special someone? Look no further because Electra has you covered this holiday season. Whether it’s for your husband, wife or just someone special, we have bikes to let him or her know you really care. All you have to do is head to your local Electra dealer and find the perfect fit.  

If you’re looking into gifts for her, here are some of our fan favorites... 

From Lilac to Aurora Metallic, the Townie Go! 8D will outshine any present under the tree. Better yet, it will keep on giving as she rides into the new year. With the Bosch Active Line pedal-assist motor, she’ll be ready to jumpstart her new year’s resolution to get active and be outside more often. By active and outside, we’re really mean rides to the donut shop or to get her nails done and back.  

Townie Go! 8D in Lilac Metallic

Step-Thru Townie Go! 8D in Lilac Metallic 

Townie Go! 8D in Aurora Metallic

Step-Thru Townie Go! 8D in Aurora Metallic 

Maybe an e-bike isn’t the perfect fit. Maybe she’s a fashionista. Maybe it’s a Fashion Cruiser that she never knew she needed. If that’s the case, get her one of our latest Fashion Cruisers… Andi, Zelda or Koa. The holiday lights in your neighborhood will transform into spotlights as the street turns into her runway. 

Andi 3i

Andi 3i 

Struggling to find gifts for him? Here are a few ideas that might put a smile on his face. 

The Townie Path 9D EQ could be the most solid gift he’ll receive this holiday season. With larger 27.5” and puncture-resistant tires, he’ll be able to tackle terrain and make the most of his new ride all year long. Comfort is key, but with colors like Matte Gunmetal and Vivid Blue, he’ll also be rocking the best-looking bike on the block.  

Townie Path 9D EQ in Vivd Blue

Step-Over Townie Path 9D EQ in Vivid Blue

Townie Path 9D EQ in Matte Gunmetal

Step-Over Townie Path 9D EQ in Matte Gunmetal

Attitude Cruisers speak for themselves. They are the epitome of badass and we have plenty of it to go around. The slick designs will encourage him to go for a ride and show off his best present. EBC 93’s two-toned red and white custom paint job will be one of the reasons this will be his favorite gift.  

EBC '93

EBC '93 

We know holiday shopping isn’t always easy, but we are positive your local Electra dealer will have plenty of two-wheeled options in their store to bring some holiday cheer to your home. Whether it’s going to be an e-bike, Townie, Cruiser or some rad accessories, don’t wait to fill up your sleigh.