Electra Love: Al & Amanda’s Blue Super 72

It never ceases to amaze us what some fans will do to find their perfect Electra. Get ready for an Electra tale that is 11 years in the making and a seriously awesome father-daughter story… This is how Al and Amanda found their Super 72. 

Here’s a note from Al, which he has graciously allowed us to share: 


Hi Electra,  

We figured all of the folks at Electra might be interested in a story about my daughter, Amanda, and her Electra Super 72. Sometime around January 2009, I found a picture of a blue Super 72. My daughter (9 years old at the time) and I thought it was just awesome. It reminded me of the Schwinn Stingray I had as a kid in the 70s, so I decided I was going to buy it for her. I searched high and low for the bike online, but quickly realized that no bike shops had it in stock. They had the purple or orange Super 72, but not the blue one we wanted.  

We live on the east coast and in our area there isn’t a tremendous demand for cruiser bikes, so not many of our local shops were able to help. Fortunately for us, half of our family lives in Huntington Beach, California. On a visit in February 2009, I searched around at all of the local bike stores Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and beyond. Still no luck! The purple and orange bikes were the only ones in stock. 

I still wasn’t ready to give up, so with more searching I got a lead on a bike shop in Colorado that had one. Upon calling… BINGO! The owner of the shop said he had a blue Super 72. My daughter was so excited, and we bought the bike immediately. A week or two later, I came home from work and there was the box with the bike. Even as a grown man, I was like a young kid… so excited to open it up and assemble it for her.  

But, as I opened the box, I saw the color orange. I was in shock. Shaking my head in disbelief, I called the bike shop in Colorado. The owner very apologetic and told me that our bike got accidentally sent to a family in Seattle, Washington and we got theirs in return. He also told me that the likelihood of us actually getting the bike we wanted was slim. I asked him to try as best as he could to get it back. In the meantime, I sent back the orange Super 72. Luckily, the Colorado bike shop owner did get the bike back from Seattle, and in April 2009 we finally got The Holy Grail of Super 72s.  

From time to time over the last 10 years, I still research this bike to see why it was so hard to get. I mean, it is still so cool. In December 2019, I sat with my daughter (who is now 20) and we looked around on internet again. We came to find out that there was limited production of this bike from the start.  

To this day my, daughters blue Electra Super 72 is in pristine condition and lives next to my Harley Davidson in our garage. Here are pictures of my daughter when we first got the bike, and a picture of her with it today. 

Electra Love Super 72

Electra Love Super 72

We have a lifetime memory of this bike adventure and if I have grandkids someday I am sure they will take it for a spin around the block. I hope Electra Bikes enjoys this story. It is 11 years in the making.