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Spotted: Women's Health

As the new year approaches so do new year's resolutions. While some people set fitness goals, we'd rather choose fun ones. And we'll let you in on a little secret - getting back on a bike can be pretty dang fun.

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Spotted: Real Simple

It's that time of year again... Kids anxiously waiting for the day to unwrap presents and parents scrambling to find the perfect gifts. This holiday season, kids and parents can both strike gold and find genuine treasure under the tree.

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Spotted: Brit + Co

The holidays are right around the corner. Can you believe it? Maybe you have a few awesome gift ideas up your sleeve, but if not, don't stress. Brit + Co online recently featured some of the most awesome rose gold-themed gifts that will make any trendsetter's heart skip a beat. Lucky for us, our new Townie Go! 8i in Rose Gold was included. Check it out!

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Limited Edition Fashion Cruisers

Crafting beautiful, original bikes is in our DNA. Artistry, individuality and fun are kind of our things. Nothing showcases Electra's passion for design better than our Fashion Cruisers. It's amazing to create a bike and see someone connect with it on a whole other level. Because these bikes reflect personality and style.