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Cassye & Her Sunshine

To preface the story we'd like to share, you should know that here at Electra we draw inspiration from everything around us. This includes tacos from the shop down the street from the office to old school auto trends. This story is about an Electra fan and her bike, Sunshine.

13 Questions for Chad Majer

Meet the one of the personalities behind Electra's customer service line, Chad Majer. Not only does he take a lot of pride in his work, he is also our parking lot regulator. Which he also takes pretty seriously.

13 Questions for Chad Majer

Spotted: Good Morning America

One of America's most beloved morning shows, Good Morning America, celebrated Shark Week by featuring a bunch of shark-related products. But most importantly, they included Electra's Tiger Shark 3i, which the news anchor said was, "possibly the coolest bike he has ever seen."

13 Questions for Josh Schlee

This guy knows pretty much everything about Electra bicycles. We call him the walking Electra encyclopedia, mostly because he is out longest standing employee. He also makes mouth-watering carnitas that are too good to pass up. Meet Josh Schlee, our Product Services Manager.

13 Questions for Josh Schlee

13 Questions for Bobby Vore

He has an impressive collection of Star Wars figurines and apparel as well as brightly colored baseball caps... Meet one of our territory managers, Bobby Vore.

13 Questions for Bobby Vore

Melissa & Her Townie 7D

Melissa was recently given a Townie 7D from her husband, and she's in love. Here's her story:

You guys, I got a bike! 

Not just any bike, my dream bike. The one I've been eyeballing and dreaming about for 8 years.

13 Questions for Markus Welb

Take out your world map and find Germany. Then find the city of Hamburg. In this fantastic town, you can find Electra's European office and it's filled with some really awesome people. One of them is Markus Welb, our Senior Sales Manager for Europe.

13 Questions for Markus Welb