A. WOVEN PALM FROND BASKET 541715 / Natural/Espresso/Pink / $59.99 B. WOVEN PALM FROND BASKET 541712 / Natural/Espresso/Seafoam / $59.99 C. WOVEN PALM FROND BASKET 541714 / Natural/Latte/Blush / $59.99 D. WOVEN PALM FROND BASKET 541713 / Natural/Seafoam / $59.99 Mozambique? More like Mozamchic. A. B. C. D. LOFT 3i Ladies’ / Mint Mojito / 3-speed 537495 / $519.99 Bringing beautiful style to the world, one basket at a time. Electra has teamed up with a group of artists in Mozambique to create this amazing line of baskets. The partnership helps support the fair- trade rate of the local weavers and brings their beautiful style to the world. Each one takes a full day to weave, and the attention to detail shows in the unique beauty of the handcrafted baskets. Doing good is feeling good is looking good. Explore the entire collection of bikes, apparel and accessories at electrabike.com 42 43