FORGET-ME-NOT Simple geometric shapes, clean lines and a bright contrasting color palette complete the details on this mid-century inspired beauty. The Forget-Me-Not 3i rides as good as it looks. Sexy, stylish, sophisticated. But enough about you. Petal pusher. JETSETTER Our Jetsetter 3i inspires wanderlust at every turn. Within the delicate and whimsical script on the chain guard and coat/skirt guard you can find the names of cities around the world intricately woven together. The deep indigo frame is complemented by metallic blue accents found throughout the designs and on the saddle and rims. ETA: whenevs. JETSETTER 3i Ladies’ / Indigo / 3-speed 528811 / $959.99 CUSTOM CHAIN GUARD AND CHAIN RING TOP TUBE DETAIL HAND DRAWN DETAIL ON SKIRT/COAT GUARD FORGET-ME-NOT 3i Ladies’ / Yellow / 3-speed 193105 / $959.99 Explore the entire collection of bikes, apparel and accessories at 48 49