Amsterdam® A modern take on a Dutch city bike. Form meets function. Loft™ Designed to navigate the city. Nimble, light and simply amazing. The best way to figure out which one suits you is to test ride it. If you want to narrow it down, think about where you’ll ride most and what you’ll ride it for, and make a call based on that. Tire size, number of gears and accessories will add some nuance, but our bikes fall in a few core categories. Here’s a quick overview of our collections and we’ll get deeper in the following pages. Go! e-Bike Collection Battery powered e-bikes for less effort and more awesome. Townie® Commute A comfortable ride with some extras to help you on longer treks. Townie® Innovative comfort to get around town in style. Cruiser The classic beach ride with more than a little attitude. Kids’ Small versions of our bikes for the small versions of you. So many bikes and only two feet to pedal with. 4 5 Explore the entire collection of bikes, apparel and accessories at