A. F. What’s in your bike’s closet? CRUISER 7D Ladies’ / Jade / 7-speed 537215 / $274.99 A. SEAWEED HELMET 542237 / Sizes: S-L / $69.99 B. WHITE DAISY FLOWER 527593 / $19.99 C. CRUISER FRONT TRAY 541488 / White / $89.99 D. CRUISER GRAPHIC FENDERS 550893 / Swirl / $69.99 E. HANDLEBAR MIRROR 550888 / Swirl / $19.99 A. B. C. D. E. Dress it up. Dress it down. Maybe you follow the latest trends. Maybe your favorite color is orange. Patterns, graphics or solids, we’ve got you covered. Style your bike to match your personality. Accessorize with colorful fenders and some function with a front tray or a basket. Deck out your handlebars with mirrors, bells and flowers. Go crazy and have some fun. 56