WHITE WATER A new way to ride the waves. Bold graphic waves and beautiful colors rich with sparkling, metallic hues create the depth and texture of the Limited Edition White Water 3i Fashion Cruiser. Then we added a custom bell, grips and embossed saddle to round out the details of this swell bike. WHITE WATER 3i Ladies’ / Green Metallic / 3-speed 547122 / $749.99 QUEEN OF HEARTS Inspired by the intaglio printmaking style of old school playing cards, the Limited Edition Queen of Hearts 3i has a few tricks up its sleeve. The geometry of Op Art creates the illusion of movement, while the finishing touches of the custom bell, coordinating spokes, embossed saddle and grips create a stunning visual play of positive and negative space. Shuffle up and ride. We just upped the ante. FENDER DETAIL CUSTOM EMBOSSED SADDLE FENDER DETAIL CUSTOM DING DONG BELL QUEEN OF HEARTS 3i Ladies’ / Black / 3-speed 547121 / $749.99 Explore the entire collection of bikes, apparel and accessories at electrabike.com 60 61